Discover Options To Avoid Foreclosure

Resolve to Face the Facts!

Since 2007, 8.9 million homes have been lost to foreclosure and millions more are headed in that direction.

As a real estate professional who has earned the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation, my mission is to ensure that you or anyone you care about does not add to that statistic.

The unfortunate fact is that so many homeowners who have played by the rules and never imagined that they could be facing foreclosure are now in a very tough situation.

More than one in four homeowners owes more on their mortgage than their home is worth. On top of that staggering statistic is the fact that millions of homeowners are unemployed, or underemployed and falling further behind every month.

Sound familiar? Rest assured you are not alone.

If you feel that you are headed toward foreclosure, or if you are avoiding facing that fact, the sooner you reach out for help, the better your options.

As a CDPE agent, I help distressed homeowners to work through every aspect of the denial and discouragement that accompanies a mortgage which is no longer manageable, and in the process, to move toward financial solvency.

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If you or someone you care about is ready to tip the scales back toward financial solvency, contact me today and let’s get started.

Todd Crump

Keller Williams Realty

Direct: 951-259-4093


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Foreclosure Prevention Workshop!

I have the privilege to be a participant of a Forum that reaches out to communities across southern california. Homeowners have been left to fend for themselves for too long when it comes to finding out what to do about their mortgage situation when they run across hard times.  Now there are organizations that will “free of charge” help homeowners try to save their home from foreclosure and/or provide the various options available to them so that they can make an informed decision,

Keller Williams Realty in association with Neighborhood Housing Services of the Inland Empire and The HELP Program offer to communities a Foreclosure Prevention Forum.

This forum is aimed to provide expert information to prevent and help home owners facing or in the process of foreclosure. Neighborhood Housing Services of the Inland Empire is a HUD approved non-profit counseling agency that assists distress home owners in preserving their homes and USA HELP Inc, is a non-profit corporation that helps educate home owners about the real estate and mortgage industry.

This event is scheduled for August 7th, 2010 and is 100% free of charge. I would encourage any home owner that would like to know what is happening in the mortgage and real estate industry (including property tax information) to come and listen to the excellent expert panel that has been put together to address this highly important issue.

Please click the link below to find out more about this powerful event.

Community Foreclosure Prevention Forum

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Persistency shall always prevail!

I sometimes find it interesting when I speak with someone at a customer service 800 number and they just respond on auto pilot with no thought of consideration or any type of rational thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are many hard working people in customer service that are good at what they do. I have a problem with the few that could care less.

I was on the phone yesterday with one of those few who represented a mortgage servicing company about a Short Sale transaction I’m working on. A Trustee Sale date had been scheduled for 11 days away and I was requesting that it be postponed until we had a chance to complete the Short Sale transaction. I had just listed the property a few days earlier and had quickly put together a Short Sale package including an all cash purchaser that wanted to buy the property at market value. I sent the Short Sale package in and called the next day to follow up. The customer service representative I got on the phone went through the regular steps of verification of authorization and then asked “How can I help you”. I explained the situation and requested the Trustee Sale be postponed. Her immediate response was “it takes at least 48 hours for the Short Sale package to be uploaded into our database”. I went on to explain the urgency of the matter and the representative quickly responded with “we don’t postpone Trustee Sale dates unless it is 14 day or more from the sale date”. We went back and forth a few times and I asked if she could check to see if the package was there, of course I was put on hold for a while but when she came back she did verify that the package had been received. I then asked if she had taken a look at the HUD1 which is a breakdown of the dollar amount that would be due the bank on the sale of the property. She had not looked at it but then put me on hold again and a few minutes later returned and told me that she had the package but there was nothing that could be done. I finally told her that I knew a Trustee Sale could be postponed as late as the day before the sale if you talk to the right person because I had done it many times before. She once again went to the “canned response” of “our policy is 14 days or more”. I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager and she put me on hold, again, and finally came back and asked what the net proceeds would be. I gave her that information and between me, her and I assume her supervisor (because I never actually spoke to this other person, the customer service rep. put me on hold while she consulted with this person) we went back and forth with a few other things and I was finally asked to send in a few other documents and upon receiving those documents they would be able to postpone the sale date.

It took a little more than an hour on the phone but the outcome was in the best interest of all parties involved in my humble opinion.

The point is that this could have taken about 20 minutes to accomplish only if the representative had just taken a moment to think about the situation and then truly tried to help me with my Short Sale transaction. It’s not like she was going anywhere.

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Pets Have Feelings Too!!!

It’s no secret that the foreclosure rate has increased dramatically all across America over the past few years. It is a traumatic experience for the people who have to go through it. They have lost a lot; their jobs – divorced – experienced health issues etc., that has caused them to lose their home and in the process tough decisions had to be made.  Often the pets of these families are overlooked and are also victims of foreclosure. Many times the family will be moving into a rentals that does not allow pets or the family may not have the deposit money to cover the pet. In extreme cases these animals are being abandoned and left alone  at the vacant property.

Help is available!!! That help is coming from organizations like No Paws Left Behind, a non-profit who not only will help find a shelter if the family wants to put the pet up for adoption but will also at times help cover pet adoption fees, vet bills, buy food and find pet friendly housing.

Foreclosure can be very stressful and many times hard decisions have to be made. In any case it is important to make the most human decision possible. If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure and you need help with your pets contact No Paws Left Behind and let them help you explore your options.

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The Homebuyer Tax Credit Extension … will it help?

So the congress passed an extension of the closing deadline for the Homebuyer Tax Credit. The extension applies to ratified contracts in place as of 4-30-10, that have not yet closed. The new closing deadline for eligible transactions is now 09-30-10 and no gap between 9-30-10 and the date the President signs the bill into law.

If the whole purpose is to stimulate the economy then why not just set the deadline for the end of 2011? The economy most likely will not fully stabilize until then anyway and it could use as much help as it can get. Foreclosures are expected to rise going on into 2011 and maybe beyond and unemployment still has not been controled. Many buyers are still on the fence because they are still not sure if it is safe to purchase even with the historically low interest rates.

Will the extension help? Yes it will but we need more!

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Hello world!

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